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Lunchbox: our melamine lunchbox is made of food grade melamine resin material, safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless; Texture is strong and firm, durable and unbreakable; In the chemical action of acid and alkaline resistance, can effectively prevent grease, acid, alkali and other solvents corrosion. The lid of the lunch box is made of natural bamboo products, made from bamboo and processed by special high-tech technology. Bamboo growth doesn't need using any kind of fertilizers, but also can release negative ions to do bacteriostatic action, no pollution in the growth process and the growth cycle is short, more economic and environmental friendly.

HUI-HE Technology Co., Ltd engaged in melamine bamboo, fiber tableware, and daily household products for more than 10 years. It is Melamine Lunch Box manufacturers and Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box factory which integrating product development, production and sales.

The company has passed the BSCI certification, the products have passed the FDA certification, and strictly implement the GB9690-88, QB1999-84 standards, the products are of high quality, exquisite production, and strive for perfection. We also custom and OEM Melamine and Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box. These products are made of Melamine and Bamboo Fiber in usual, you can also choose the personalized material for your tableware. Full size, color, design is waiting for you.

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