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What is the material of melamine tableware

Melamine is a kind of resin material and also a kind of plastic. It is a kind of thermosetting plastic, which is widely used in various fields. In our daily life, our common plastic tableware is generally made of it.

Melamine tableware is not only non-toxic and harmless, but also has strong hardness. Compared with glass, it is more resistant to falling and more durable. In addition, it is resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures. Perhaps this kind of plastic tableware is rarely used in families, but because of its advantages, melamine tableware is mostly used in some public places such as hotels, school canteens and corporate canteens.

Since children are still young, they will be more likely to fall to the ground due to instability of their rice bowls. It is a good choice to choose melamine tableware when eating. Let’s take a look at this cute cartoon three-compartment plate recommended by the editor. I believe you Home bags must like:

If you need to buy melamine tableware, you must look for the QS mark and production label when purchasing, and you must choose products that meet the national food hygiene standards. Because fake melamine tableware is generally made of ordinary plastic materials, it has many harms to the human body.

In the process of daily use, melamine tableware often turns yellow due to oxidation. This is a normal phenomenon. It is not too dirty or deteriorated and can be used safely. If you want to remove this color, you can use a special stain remover to remove it, and you can continue to use safe melamine tableware with normal color.

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