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Benefits of a Melamine Re-Usable Lunch Box

There are several benefits to using a Melamine Re-Usable Lunch Box. These lunch containers are made of durable, antimicrobial touch melamine. They're easy to clean and come in a wide variety of colors. However, melamine is not typically recyclable. It is listed as Class #7 on the Plastic Resin Codes, which puts it outside of the usual classifications. Melamine is also not as heat resistant as other plastics, so recycling plants cannot melt it like other types of plastic. Some recycling centers, however, grind it down to make it a filler for other plastics.

Aside from its aesthetic qualities, a melamine lunch box offers a cost-enhancing marketing opportunity. It is convenient to use, and features removable compartment trays for easy food preparation. In addition, these lunchboxes fit together like a Bento box. In addition, they're maintenance free. You can wash the tray in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning a breeze. These lunchboxes can also be stacked to create a convenient storage solution for many uses.

A melamine lunchbox also keeps your food clean and hygienic. Whether you're packing individual meals for a busy day at work, packing healthy lunches for a child, or serving bento style meals to employees at a poolside restaurant, a melamine lunchbox can help you make healthy and delicious meals. The versatile Melamine Re-Usable Lunch Box allows you to choose the size of compartments and compartment inserts for different sized meals. A lid is an added benefit, as it helps keep food clean and temperature controlled.

A melamine dinnerware set is lightweight and durable. Its lightweight design makes it easy for restaurant staff to carry. They can deliver meals more quickly. They also look like real stoneware or wood boards. The melamine tableware can enhance virtually any setting and boost a restaurant's customer perception. If you're in the restaurant business, a melamine dinnerware set will increase customer perception and save you time and money.

Melamine dinnerware is an excellent alternative to traditional utensils. Because of its lightweight, heat-resistant properties, melamine dinnerware is the ideal replacement for broken porcelain and fine china. In addition to being dishwasher-safe, melamine dinnerware also withstands temperature above their recommended temperatures. However, it is important to keep in mind that melamine dinnerware is not microwave safe. You should avoid touching it while it's heating. Likewise, it should never be used in a conventional oven.

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