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What are the advantages and disadvantages of melamine tableware? Melamine tableware is also called melamine tableware

Melamine tableware may be relatively seldom heard of this name in daily life, so I feel not very familiar with it, but in fact it is widely used in daily life, maybe there are several types at home! Melamine tableware is also called "melamine tableware" in the industry. Melamine is melamine resin, the chemical name is melamine, which is a thermosetting plastic in plastics. Melamine tableware is very popular in the market because of its lightness, high and low temperature resistance, non-fragility, and the ability to make exquisite patterns. It is mostly used in various fast food industries and various crowded areas, and is also very popular among children. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of melamine tableware?

1. Melamine tableware produced by regular melamine tableware manufacturers is safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless.
2. The surface of regular melamine tableware is very smooth, and the lotion is very convenient, which can automatically extinguish the arc; the texture is tough and strong, durable and not fragile; it has strong acid and alkali resistance in use, and can effectively prevent the corrosion of various solvents such as grease, acid, and alkali. sex.
3. The temperature resistance of melamine tableware is very good, especially the performance between -20℃~+110℃ is the best.
4. Melamine tableware is very light in weight, and various exquisite and bright patterns can be printed on the surface. Its stable coloring effect can ensure that the tableware has bright color, high gloss, and is not easy to peel off. Therefore, it is very popular in front of catering and children. favorite.
5. The thermal conductivity of melamine tableware is low, even if it is used to hold high-heat food, it can be easily held without being scalded.

Melamine tableware is affected by long-term heat and alkali, fat, and acid, which will form a layer of brown spots on the surface, which will affect its appearance.
Special attention should be paid to the use of melamine tableware. Do not use fire to grill, and try to avoid getting close to the fire, etc., and do not allow it to undergo rapid temperature changes, such as hitting or subjecting it to rapid temperature changes under hot conditions, to avoid rupture. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that if the edge of the melamine tableware is damaged or broken, please do not use it, and do not rub it hard with a steel wool ball when cleaning, so as to avoid damage that will lead to the dissolution of harmful substances and affect your health.

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