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What are the advantages, disadvantages and precautions of melamine tableware?

What is melamine tableware? I believe that many consumers are not very clear. In fact, melamine tableware is widely used in the market, especially when making children's tableware, most of them use melamine tableware. The chemical name for melamine is melamine. Some friends may suddenly realize that melamine was found in a news about milk powder a few years ago. In fact, this is a kind of plastic, but it belongs to thermosetting plastics. Do you know what material this is? A lot of melamine is used to make tableware. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Melamine tableware, also known as porcelain-like tableware, is made by heating and pressing melamine resin powder. Because of its lightness, beauty, low temperature resistance, boiling resistance, and unbreakable characteristics, it is widely used in the fast food industry and children's catering industry. Is melamine tableware so widely used healthy and safe?
Melamine tableware is a high molecular polymer, and its monomers are formaldehyde and melamine. Melamine plastic is colorless and transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, with high surface hardness, scratch resistance, high surface gloss and bright color. It can be used at 150°C, has good toughness and is not easy to damage. It has been used in tableware since 1960.

Advantages of melamine tableware:
1. The melamine tableware produced by conventional melamine tableware manufacturers is safe, hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless; the texture is hard and sturdy, durable, and not fragile; it has strong acid and alkali resistance and can effectively prevent oil, acid and alkali, etc. Corrosion by solvents.
2. The surface of melamine tableware is very smooth, the washing liquid is very convenient, and the arc can be automatically extinguished.
3. Melamine powder has good temperature resistance, especially the performance between -30℃~+120℃.
4. The weight of melamine tableware is very light, with only a slight sense of moderate weight; various exquisite and bright patterns can be printed on the surface of melamine tableware. Its stable coloring effect can ensure that the tableware is bright in color, high in gloss, and not easy to fall off.
5. The texture of melamine tableware is very good, comparable to the elegant beauty of traditional ceramics.
6. The thermal conductivity of melamine tableware is very low, so even if consumers use it to hold hot food, they can easily hold melamine tableware without being scalded.
7. Environmental protection: Compared with ceramic products, the product is more in line with environmental protection requirements, and it will not cause any pollution to the environment when placed in the natural environment.
Precautions for using melamine tableware:
1. It is strictly forbidden to barbecue with fire or get close to the fire.
2. Please avoid shocks or rapid temperature changes under high temperature conditions to avoid cracking.
3. Do not apply strong impact to avoid cracking or damage.
4. Do not use items with broken or broken edges.
5. When cleaning melamine tableware, do not use steel wool, otherwise it will affect the surface gloss of melamine tableware. It can be cleaned directly with detergent.

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