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The precautions when purchasing melamine tableware are as follows

The precautions when purchasing melamine tableware are as follows:

1. Ordinary merchants
Due to the high price of melamine powder, unscrupulous businesses directly use urea-formaldehyde molding powder as raw materials in order to pursue profits. Some use urea-formaldehyde molding powder as raw material, and then coat a layer of melamine powder on the surface. Urea-formaldehyde tableware is harmful to the human body. So buy at regular stores and supermarkets, not at stalls and unlicensed shops.

2. Small physical examination of melamine tableware
Check whether the tableware has deformation, color difference, wrinkling, air bubbles, whether the surface is smooth, whether the bottom is flat, and wipe the colored tableware back and forth with a white napkin without fading.

3. The inner white is better
Melamine tableware has won the favor of many baby mothers for its advantages of not breaking ground and exquisite patterns. Currently, there are many baby melamine tableware on the market. In addition to the pattern of the outer layer, the inner layer is usually painted with bright colors, and the ink may contain various heavy metals. During use, tableware may be separated due to high temperature and scratches, and thus enter the human digestive system. If there is a bright pattern, the migration of heavy metals is higher. Therefore, products with white interiors should be selected as much as possible.

4. Replace every six months
Ceramics can be sterilized by cooking, but melamine tableware should not be in contact with high-temperature (higher than 120°C) food or used to heat food. Therefore, if the melamine tableware has stains that cannot be washed off, such as yellowing and black spots, it should be replaced with a new one. Because these stains may breed bacteria and threaten the health of users. Melamine tableware is not as stable as ceramics in terms of surface hardness and chemical properties, and it is not suitable for long-term use. It is recommended to replace every six months.

What should be paid attention to when using it?
1. Do not use for microwave heating.
Melamine tableware is not suitable for use in the microwave. If used, it will crack. Melamine tableware used in microwave ovens is more likely to migrate formaldehyde from the product, and special care should be taken when using it.

2. Tableware cleaning
Melamine tableware cannot be cleaned with steel balls, as it will leave scratches on the surface of the tableware. It is recommended not to use steel balls for cleaning. If the dirt is particularly difficult to clean, it is recommended to soak it in detergent water and then clean it with a rag, or wash it directly in the dishwasher. If the melamine tableware is used for a long time, and stubborn stains such as pigments, oil stains, and coffee stains are adsorbed on the melamine dishes, the melamine tableware will turn yellow and black. At this time, please use special cleaning powder for melamine tableware. Pour 180-400 grams of special detergent powder for melamine tableware into the solution for every 20 liters of 80°C hot water, stir until dissolved, put the melamine tableware dishes into the solution, soak for 30-60 minutes, remove stains, and replace tableware Finally, remove stains, restore dishes, and wash dishes in plain water or in the dishwasher. It is recommended to replace melamine tableware every six months.

3. Do not use for high temperature heating
The normal working temperature range of melamine tableware is 0℃~120℃. If the working temperature exceeds the working temperature, heat the melamine tableware. If left under hot oil at 200°C for 10 minutes, the product will start to foam. At this time, part of the melamine resin will decompose and produce more formaldehyde and melamine, so it should be stopped immediately.

4. Do not store food with strong acidity and alkalinity for a long time
Consumers are advised not to use melamine tableware to store vinegar, lemon juice and other strongly acidic foods for a long time. Since melamine tableware is a chemical synthetic material, the chemical substances contained in it are harmful to the human body. Place acidic or alkaline foods in chemically stable ceramic and glass.

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