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Is melamine tableware safe to use?

We often come into contact with melamine tableware in our daily life. Because of its light weight, beautiful appearance, low temperature resistance, and pollution resistance, it is widely used in infant food and fast food industries. Melamine tableware is made of melamine powder through a molding process. Melamine is also known as melamine formaldehyde. Its monomers are melamine and formaldehyde. There is no doubt that consumers are more sensitive to "melamine" and "formaldehyde". If any unqualified melamine tableware releases harmful substances such as melamine and formaldehyde during use, it will migrate in food and endanger human health.

The benchmark has four main features and highlights:
1. In the selection of products and testing items, melamine tableware, which is common in the market, involves children's food and is easily overlooked by consumers, was selected as the object of comparison and testing. Consumers have many doubts about this.
2. When selecting test samples for melamine tableware, factors such as market share, brand sales, brand distribution, procurement methods, production locations, and product categories are considered. The product categories include five categories: ordinary chopsticks, bowls, spoons, cups and trays.
3. In terms of breadth and depth of comparison, 7 indicators of melamine tableware safety were tested, including total migration (4% acetic acid), total migration (20% ethanol), melamine migration (4% acetic acid), melamine Migration (20% ethanol), heavy metals (calculated as Pb), discoloration test, and comparative experiments have breadth and depth.
4. In terms of application results, on the one hand, according to the comparative test results, provide consumption guidance and suggestions for consumers; on the other hand, provide specific suggestions for producers and operators of melamine tableware to promote the improvement of product quality; and put forward standards for improvement , Strengthen industry supervision, standardize business behavior and other suggestions to better protect the rights and interests of consumers.
This comparison test addresses the following questions from consumers:
Is the melamine tableware on the market safe? The test results show that 7 of the 15 sampled batches meet the national food safety standards. Melamine tableware is managed in accordance with the production license of plastic packaging, packaging, tools and other food. In recent years, the product quality of melamine tableware has gradually improved. Meanwhile, shopping and supermarkets have removed barriers to entry by requiring test reports and other means to ensure consumer health and food safety.
1. When purchasing melamine tableware, please check the QS mark and production label.
2. Melamine tableware is not allowed to be heated in a microwave oven. Acidic food should not be stored for a long time or at high temperature.
3. Do not use steel wire cleaning balls to clean melamine tableware, and do not use strong acid and strong alkali detergents.

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