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What are the characteristics of martial amine tableware wholesale telling you?

The wholesale of the deed amine tableware tells you that at present, the deed amine tableware is widely used in restaurants and canteens, mainly with the characteristics of anti -fall, smooth texture, durability, high temperature resistance, etc. The amine tableware is not easy to clean and the shape is diverse. The tableware can be cleaned on the 70 -degree dishwasher, but the drying and disinfection temperature must not exceed 120 degrees.
How to clean the tableware? For the restaurant and the cafeteria, the automatic dishwasher was cleaned well, and the cleaning speed was fast. So what are the characteristics of dense meals? The appearance of the dense amine tableware is similar to that of porcelain. It is stronger than porcelain, not easy to break, bright in color, strong cleanliness, and is loved by children and adults. Because it is a three -dimensional mesh structure, it is a thermal solution material. It is stable in boiling water and can even be used at high temperatures at 150 ° C. It has self -extinguishing, arc resistance and good mechanical properties.
The wholesale of the mighty tableware tells you that some people can't stand the sound of mighty and formaldehyde. The desertide monomer is small, and the finished product is non -toxic after aggregation with formaldehyde and other substances. After aggregation, the fake ceramic tableware material has good thermal stability and chemical stability. The required martamine resin material contains a small amount of mighty amine, which meets the safety standards specified by WHO.

In food, formaldehyde is the intermediate product of plant metabolism. Fruit, vegetables, fish, shellfish and other foods contain formaldehyde, which can reach hundreds of milligrams per kilogram. Only when the air concentration reaches a certain level can it be harmful to the human body. Therefore, as long as the qualified porcelain tableware is used normally, there will be no health problems. The cost of ceramic tableware is relatively high, so the sales price is relatively high. Rice amine tableware uses environmentally friendly raw materials, and the cost price is not high, and its sales price is generally accepted by the public.
The wholesale of the deed amine tableware tells you that the mighty tableware is also known as the imitation porcelain tableware. It is a resin processing and has a ceramic luster. It is a tableware similar to ceramics. However, it is better than ceramics. Apply to the fast food industry.
The ceramic tables are burned with high temperature with clay. The disadvantage is fragile, uneven surface, and easy to breed bacteria. Ceramic tableware, the price is slightly more expensive and the color is bright, suitable for your own use at home or restaurant. The advantages of tableware are affordable and widely used in the fast food industry, especially families with children, suitable for this kind of unsuitable tableware.

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