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What are the characteristics of melamine tableware in use?

Melamine tableware wholesale tells you that tableware is becoming more and more popular among consumers, especially among parents, because it is lighter and more drop-resistant than glass and ceramic tableware, making it an ideal choice for children.
Melamine tableware wholesale tells you that the surface of melamine tableware is very smooth, easy to clean, and very light in weight. Beautiful and bright patterns can be printed on the surface of the tableware. Its stable coloring effect ensures that the tableware is bright and shiny, and it is not easy to disassemble. Melamine tableware wholesale tells you that the texture of melamine tableware is very good, comparable to the elegant beauty of traditional ceramics. Melamine tableware is safe and hygienic, non-toxic, tasteless, hard, rough, and not easy to damage; it has strong acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively prevent corrosion by various solvents.

Melamine tableware wholesale tells you that melamine tableware has been widely used in restaurants and canteens at present. It mainly has the characteristics of drop resistance, smooth texture, durability, and high temperature resistance. Therefore, melamine tableware is not difficult to clean, and there are many shapes to choose from. Tableware can be washed on a 70-degree automatic dishwasher, but the drying and disinfection temperature should not exceed 120 degrees. Miamine tableware is a ceramic imitation, which has the advantage of being more drop-resistant than ceramic. Fast food restaurants now have automatic dishwashers, and it is relatively easy to clean amine tableware, including many chopsticks that are now made of amine.
Compared with plastic products, whether it is PC, PP or other materials, the luster and health of amine materials are relatively good. Melamine tableware has good temperature resistance, excellent performance between -20°C~+120°C, light and beautiful, low temperature resistance (can be directly placed in the refrigerator), cooking resistance (boiling water cooking), pollution resistance, not broken , used in the catering industry and children's catering industry.
Melamine tableware belongs to high molecular polymer, and its monomers are formaldehyde and melamine. Amine resins are not cured at room temperature and generally need to be thermally cured at 130~150°C. The results show that adding a small amount of acid as a catalyst can increase the curing rate. The cured melamine formaldehyde resin is colorless and transparent, stable in boiling water, and can even be used at a high temperature of 150°C.
It should be noted that melamine tableware cannot be used for a long time. It should be used scientifically. The service life of melamine tableware is generally two to three years. During use, once the tableware is found to be cracked, discolored, deformed, or scratched, stop using it immediately. In the process of using melamine tableware, it cannot be used in an environment with a large temperature difference, otherwise it will easily cause cracking. When washing melamine tableware, do not use cleaning cloths, detergents, etc. to clean the surface of the tableware, because it will wipe the surface of the tableware and make it more susceptible to contamination.
Also, try not to cook melamine utensils in the pot. Toxic substances that may be contained in tableware or tableware materials are easily precipitated at high temperatures. Qualified melamine tableware should be processed before use. It can be boiled in white vinegar or water for about 5 minutes, and then soaked to cool naturally. On the one hand, it can be disinfected, and on the other hand, it can promote the dissolution or volatilization of residual harmful substances.

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